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Welcome to the exciting kick off of the Enhance Blog as we dive headfirst into the new year. Get ready for a monthly dose of expert insights that’ll keep you in the loop—don’t miss out on the fun!

Now, let’s tackle a common challenge many salons face in January. The dreaded dry month and I am not talking alcohol! After the festive chaos, some salons experience a dip in bookings, often excusing it with the “everyone’s broke” phrase, but it is just that, an excuse! The real problem is the Holiday Tunnel Vision, instead of utilising December to promote January you focus on the extra Christmas bookings and the dates you’re closed for New Years.

Let’s nip this problem in the bud and ensure you’re maximizing every opportunity. Utilize the holiday hustle to retain those newfound clients for January. Treat the new month with the same zeal as your last-minute Christmas slots—don’t let it slip under the radar. It’s too late now but remember this for December 2024.

Come January, you want an offer that’s irresistible—something customers see as a must-have, over their “luxury” treatment. Case in point: our January Offer, featuring an Eyebrow Tint and Shape plus a Lash Tint, all for just £35. An eyebrow shape is a small treatment people value as a necessity rather than a treat. Making it affordable to turn that into a treat is the perfect way to retain new clients from the festive rush and show appreciation to your valued customers.

While your loyal clients will be lining up for their regular treatments, a carefully crafted January offer can help you expand your clientele for the entire year. Connecting with your clients is a pivotal aspect of salon success, especially during the month of January. Stay tuned for more exciting tips and tricks in the coming months!